Esprit X180R Specs

Esprit SE (SCCA Race Car)X180R (Homologation Car)X180R (IMSA Race Car)
PurposeSCCA Race CarHomologation Street CarIMSA Race Car
ModelType 105Type 105Type 106
Model Year199019911991+
Production Count2203 (+ 2 converted Type 105 SCCA race cars)
EngineType 910S inline-fourType 910S inline-fourType 910S inline-four
TurbochargerGarrett AiResearch T3Garrett AiResearch T3Garrett AiResearch T3
IntercoolerLotus ChargecoolerLotus ChargecoolerLotus Chargecooler
HeadZeus Aluminum Cast?Zeus Aluminum Cast?
Maximum BoostUnknown1 bar (14.2 psi)Unknown
Engine Capacity2,174 cc2,174 cc2,174 cc
Horsepower285 hp285 hp300 hp
Fuel InjectionLotus Carlton/OmegaLotus Carlton/OmegaLotus Carlton/Omega
TransmissionBlueprinted by Renault
ChassisUngalvanized steel backbone, front cross member, tublar engine baySame as SCCA Type 105 (except galvanized)Same as SCCA Type 105
BodyLight fiberglass (GRP) shellLight fiberglass (GRP) shellLight fiberglass (GRP) shell
Roll CageFully integrated, RAC approvedFully integrated, RAC approvedFully integrated, FIA approved/strengthened
Side & Rear windowsPlastic (Lexan?)Production glassPlastic (Lexan?)
Front SuspensionUprated and strengtheneed, adjustable revised geometry & loweredSame as SCCA Type 105Racing adjustable
Rear SuspensionUpgrated, strengthened, provision for rear anti-roll bar and loweredSame as SCCA Type 105Racing adjustable
Brakes F/R13"/12" AP Racing brake discs, 4-piston alloy calipers13"/11" AP Racing ventilated discs, 4-piston calipers13"/11" AP Racing ventilated discs, 4-piston calipers
Wheels16" × 8 ½ (front), 16 × 9 ½ (rear)Revolution 3-piece aluminum/magnesium center alloy wheels, 16" × 8 ½ (front), 16" × 9 ½ (rear)Revolution 3-piece aluminum/magnesium center wheels, 16" × 8 (front) ; 17" × 10 ½ (rear)
Wheel Offsets
TiresGoodyear Eagle ZRGoodyear Eagle ZR 225/45×16 + 255/50×16Goodyear Eagle ZR 245/45×16 + 315/40×17
Track60 ½" (front) / 62" (rear)60 ½" (front) / 62" (rear)
WeightRace weight: 2,400 approx.2,280 lbsRace weight: 2,500-2,800 lbs *
  • The IMSA Type 106 minimum race weight had a model-specific base weight set by IMSA Bridgestone Supercar rules, steadily increasing each year based on overall success. Additionally, the sucess of each individual chassis dictated that additional penalty weight would be added for each race to individual cars. The minimum weight included the weight of the driver. In an article, Jack Ansley stated they were able to get the X180R down under 2,000 lbs without any driver and weight penalty additions.