Esprit X180R Assembly Part Deviations

Assembly Report of Part Differences for X180R

The assembly plans for the X180R road-going “replica” of the racing X180R developed by Lotus Engineering included hundreds of part differences compared to the production Esprit and Esprit SE models. The following lists all part differences and assembly deviations from the standard Esprit models during the production — and subsequent final assembly at Lotus Engineering — for the X180R homologation cars.


Section 5.30

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
List: Chassis Components625.3001.803AF1X180R specific diagrams/lists
Chassis: Front Pickup Points525.3003.003AF1X180R specific diagrams/lists

Body Shell

Section 10.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Lower Bulkhead (LHD)625.1001.0018F1
Body (Fettled)625.1001.002AK1
X180R Roll Cage Cover; (LH) Wheelarch625.1001.003AK1
X180R Roll Cage Cover; (RH) Wheelarch625.1001.004AK1
Pop RivetA075W6068F5
‘P’ cLipA075W6004Z10
Part DeletionD082U4763E1

Body Structural Metal

Section 10.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Screw; M8×35 Button Head625.1005.610AF4
Capscrew; M12×35 Socket Head625.1005.603AF4
Screw; M8×60 Button Head5B08060F4
Screw; M8×50 Button Head625.1005.605AF6
Screw; M8×40 Button Head625.1005.606AF10
Screw; M8×25 Button Head625.1005.607AF2
Screw; M8×20 Button Head625.1005.608AF2
Screw; M10×25 Button Head625.1005.609AF8
Nut; M10 KaylocA089W3082F8
Nut; M8 NylocA075W3010Z8
Nut; M12 NylocA075W3012Z4
Bolt; 1"×7/16" UHF Hex HeadA075W2019F2
Washer; 1"×21/64"×l/8"A075W4022Z12
Washer; 23.5×12×2.3A075W4028Z10
Washer; 7/8"×7/16"x 18GA075W4005Z4
Nut; M8 KaylocA100C6022F26
Washer; 2"×7/16"×1/8"625.1005.611AF2
Washer; 20×8×2.5625.1005.612AF12
Washer; 1"×0"×10G625.1005.613AF12
Washer; 1"×0"×16G625.1005.614AF6
Bracket; Spring Seat Front (LH)625.1005.001AK1
Bracket; Spring Seat Front (RH)625.1005.002AK1
Nut; M8 NylocA075W3010Z8
Bolt; M8×25 Flat HeadA075W1081Z2
Washer M8×20×2.5A074W4019F2
X180R Roll Cage Pad (LH)625.1005.005AK1
X180R Roll Cage Pad (RH)625.1005.006AK1
Screw; M12×45 SKT Cap HeadSC12045F2
X180R Roll Cage Assembly625.1005.601AF1
Cap (M6 Nut Protection)625.1005.616AF20
Cap (M8 Nut Protection)625.1005.617AF8

Bonnet & Associated Hardware

Section 10.9

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Rod; Internal Lock to LatchC072U4626F2UO: 625.1009.001/2
Rod; Bonnet Catch (LH)625.1009.001AK1Replaces A082U7117F
Rod; Bonnet Catch (RH)625.1009.002AK1Replaces A082U5526F

Boot Lid & Tailgate Hardware

Section 10.11

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Bracket; Hinge625.1011.001AK1Replaces A082U4915F
Gas Strut Bracket Assembly (LH)A082U5973F1Replaces A082U7359EQF
Gas Strut Bracket Assembly(RH)A082U5974F1Replaces A082U7158EQF
Tailgate Assembly (Fettled)625.1011.801AK1Replaces B082B4735J
Bolt; M8×25 Flat HeadA075W1081Z2
Nut; M8 KAYLOCA100C6022F2
Set ScrewA075W1039Z2Deleted for X180R
Nyloc Nut M8A907E6284F2Deleted for X180R
Flat Washer M8A075W4020Z2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionB082U7236EQF2Deleted for X180R

Front Door Shells

Section 10.15

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Door Shell (LH; Fettled)625.1015.801AK1Replaces C082B4751K
Door Shell (RH; Fettled)625.1015.802AK1Replaces C082B4750K

Sills, Valences and Bumpers

Section 10.23

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Gasket; Aerofoil Mounting625.1023.001AF2Replaces 8082U1237F
Gas Strut (locking)A082U6208F1Replaces A082U6208F
Assembly: Rear Aerofoil625.1023.801AK1Replaces B082B4931J
Bobbin M6×10B075B2168Z4UO: 625.1023.804A
Aerofoil Moulding (Lower)625.1023.005AF1UO: 625.1023.801
Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.015BF1Replaces 625.1023.015A
Grommet BlankingA100B6133F2
Finisher; Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.008AK1
Support; Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.009AK1
Stud Plate; Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.010AK9
Stud Plate; Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.018AK4Replaces 625.1023.010A (2 OFF)
Washer; M6×18×1 FlatB082W4018F4
Nut; M5 NylocA082W3087F4
Washer; M6×12.1×1.4 FlatA075W4013Z12UO: 625.1023.010A
Washer; M6×18×1 FlatB082W4018F10UO: 625.1023.010A
Nut; M5 NylocA082W3057F22UO: 625.1023.010A
“Pop Rivet 1/8”A075W6092P8Finisher to Support
“Washer; 1/8"×3/8” ×216"A075W4001Z8Finisher to Support
Screw; M5×20 Hex HDA075W1025F11Support to Valance
Washer; M6×12.1×1.4 FlatA075W4013Z11Support to Valance
Washer; M6×18×1 FlatB082W4018F11Support to Valance
Nut; M5 NylocA082W3087F11Support to Valance
Duct; Brake Cooling (LH)625.1023.011AK1Replaces A082B4961K
Duct; Brake Cooling (RH)625.1023.012AK1
RawlNut; M5 (5140)A075W6074F6Replaces A082W6350F
Screw; M5×20 Hex headA075W1025F6Replaces A082W5141F
Washer; M6×18×1 FlatB082W4018F6Replaces A075W4062Z
Foam; 12×24 Self AdhesiveA082U6065V500mmDuct to Radiator Duct
Deflector; Brake Cooling625.1023.016AK2Front Bumper
Pop Rivet; 3.2×11.5mm DomedA075W6090Z4Deflector to Front Bumper
Wheelarch Ex. (LH)625.1023.013AK1Front Bumper
Wheelarch Ex. (RH)625.1023.014AK1Front Bumper
Screw; M6×25 Button Head (Black)A075W7016F6Spat to Front Bumper
Washer; M6×25×1.4 Flat (Black)A082W4094F6Spat to Front Bumper
RawlNut; M6×15A075W6140F6Replaces A100W6471F
Neoprene FoamA036B6221V0.4mSpat to Front Bumper
Screw; M6×30 Socket Caphead625.1023.601AF2
Stud; M6×118A100B1082F2
Spreader Plate; Aerofoil625.1023.004AK2
Spreader Plate; Lower Lip Spoiler625.1023.017AK11Replaces WP060011F
Spring Washer, 6mmA075W4035Z4Deleted for X180R
Bolt, M6x40 (cold start injector)A082W7040F2Deleted for X180R
Rear ValanceB082B4729K1Replaces A082B4976K
Rear Valance Grille (RH)A082U7226F1Replaces A082U7382F
Rear Valance Grille (LH)A082U7227F1Replaces A082U7383F
Part DeletionA082B4932K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionB082B4933K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082U7235EQF2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA076W3030F4Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionB075B6021V0.05Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionB075B6022V50Deleted for X180R
Rear Spoiler625.1023.006AK1Replaces A082B4745K
Grommet; BlankingA100B6133F2
Washer; M6×18×1 FlatB082W4018F4
Nut; M6 NylocA075W3009Z2
Front Bumper625.1023.002AK1Replaces B082B4958J
Front Valance625.1023.003AK1Replaces A082B4905K
ClipA082W6356F8Replaces A075W5074Z & A075W6016Z
Screw; M5×16 LG Hex HeadA082W1088F8Replaces A082W51411F
Screw; No8×-" Flange POZI S/TA075W5074Z2Lower Lip Spoiler ASM
Nut; No8 SpireA075W6016Z2Lower Lip Spoiler ASM

Glazing, Weatherships

Section 11.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Bulkhead Glass Surround625.1101.001AK1Replaces A082B4762K, MF: A082B4762K

Brake Cooling

Section 12.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Brake Cooling Duct Grille625.1203.001AK2MF: A082U7300F
BETASEAL HV3 Adhesive CartridgeA08286101F60mlAdhesive for grille to front bumper

Front Seat Frames

Section 13.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Assembly: SeatFrame (LH) (Reclining)625.1303.801AK1MF: 625.1303.001 & 003
Frame; Cushion ASM (LH)625.1303.001AK1Replaces C082V6137F
Frame; Cushion ASM (LH)C082V6137F1UO: 625.1303.001A
Assembly: SeatFrame (RH) (Reclining)625.1303.802AK1MF: 625.1303.002 & 004
Frame; Cushion ASM (RH)625.1303.002AK1Replaces C082V6138F
Frame; Cushion ASM (RH)C082V6138F1UO: 625.1303.002A
Frame; Squab ASM (LH)625.1303.003AK1Replaces D082V6135F
Frame; Squab ASM (LH)D082V6135F1UO: 625.1303.003A
Frame; Squab ASM (RH)625.1303.004AK1Replaces D082V6136F
Frame; Squab ASM (RH)D082V6136F1UO: 625.1303.004A

Front Seat Padding

Section 13.9

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
BackboardB082V7575F2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA032V7355F2Deleted for X180R
Seat Squab; Inner Arm Foam625.1309.004AH4MF: A085V6079
Seat Squab; Inner Arm Foam625.1309.005AH4MF: A085V6079
Seat Cushion; Arm Foam625.1309.006AH8MF: A085V6079
Seat Cushion; Inner Arm Foam625.1309.007AH4MF: A085V6079
Seat Cushion; Outer Arm Foam625.1309.008AH4MF: A085V6079
Seat Squab Arm Cover (Inner)625.1309.009AH4MF: 625.8050.602A
Seat Squab Arm Cover (Outer)625.1309.010AH4MF: 625.8050.602A
Cover; Seat Headrest Face625.1309.011AH2MF: 625.8050.602A
Cover; Seat Headrest Surround625.1309.012AH2MF: 625.8050.602A
Headrest; Back Cover625.1309.013AH2MF: 625.8050.602A
Cover; Seat Cushion625.1309.014AH2MF: 625.8050.602A
Cover; Seat Squab625.1309.015AH2MF: 625.8050.602A
Assembly: Seat (LH) (Trimmed)625.1309.801AJ1MF: 625.1309.001-15
Assembly: Seat (RH) (Trimmed)625.1309.802AJ1MF: 625.1309.001-15
Part DeletionA082V7345F2Deleted for X180R
Chip Foam; Seat Squab Arms625.1309.001AH4MF: A075V6034
Chip Foam; Seat Cushion Arms625.1309.002AH4MF: A075V6034
Chip Foam; Headrest625.1309.003AH2MF: A075V6034
12mm ChipFoam (Bulk)A075V6034V2UO: 625.1309.001; 2; 3
Foam; 1" (Bulk)A085V6079V3UO: 625.1309.004; 5; 6; 7; 8

Foot Controls

Section 14.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Brake Pedal Assembly625.1401.801AK1Replaces B082J4257F
Clutch Pedal Assembly625.1401.802AK1Replaces B082J4214F
Safety Walk625.1401.601AF0.01m
Bolt; M8×35 HexA075W2038D1Replaces A079W1044F
Grommet, cable through bulkheadA036B6182Z1Deleted for X180R
Part Deletion525.1401.001A1Deleted for X180R

Facia Structure

Section 14.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Bracket; Knee Bolster625.1405.011AK1
Knee Bolster (Modified)625.1405.005AK1Replaces A082V7992J
Trim Assembly: Knee Bolster625.1405.006AJ1
Pattern; Knee Bolster (Ebd)625.1405.002AH1Replaces A082V7899
Pattern; Knee Bolster (Face)625.1405.001AH1Replaces A082V7897
Cover; Column Shroud (Upper)625.1405.007AH1MF: 625.8050.602
Cover; Column Shroud (Lower)625.1405.008AH1MF: 625.8050.602
Trim Assembly: Column Shroud (Upper)625.1405.009AJ1MF: 625.1405.007A
Trim Assembly: Column Shroud (Lower)625.1405.010AJ1MF: 625.1405.008A
Facia SIR (Fettled)625.1405.001AH1Replaces A082V7847H
Trim Assembly: Facia625.1405.002AJ1MF: 625.1405.001A
Facia Crash Pad (Modified)625.1405.003AH1MF: A082V7974C
Trim Assembly: Facia Crash Pad625.1405.004AJ1MF: 625.1405.003A
Setscrew; M4×25A075W1031F1
Washer; M6 SpringA075W5035Z1
Washer; M6×20×2.5A075W4016Z3

Instrument Masks & Switch Panels

Section 14.7

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Instrument Mask625.1407.001AF1Replaces B082U7328F
Instrument Mask Sidepnl (RH)625.1407.002AF1Replaces B082U7329F
Assembly: Instrument Panel625.1407.801AF1Replaces D082U7307F
Instrument Panel625.1407.005AH1Replaces D082U7308H; UO: 625.14.07.801
Instrument Mask; Centre Panel625.1407.004AF1Replaces 625.1407.003A
Reinforcement; Instrument Panel (LH)B082U7309H1UO: 625.1407.801
Reinforcement; Instrument Panel (RH)B082U7357H1UO: 625.1407.801
Bracket; Face VentA082V7310H2UO: 625.1407.801
BIG Head M5×16A082W5127F3UO: 625.1407.004

Console Assemblies

Section 14.8

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Center Console (Inner)625.1408.004AK1MF: 625.8050.602A
Foam Strips; Centre Console625.1408.006AK2MF: A082V6154
6mm Polyfoam (Bulk)A082V6154V.2mUO: 625.1408.006A
12mm Chipfoam (Block)625.1408.005AK2MF: A075V6034
12mm Chipfoam (Bulk)A075V6034V0.1mUO: 625.1408.005 & 1530.006
Center Console (ABS)625.1408.001AK1Replaces A082V7339K
Trim Assembly: Center Console625.1408.002AJ1MF: 625.1408.002; 3; 4;5; 6
Center Console (Outer)625.1408.003AK1MF: 625.8050.602A
ScrewA075W5012F1Deleted for X180R


Section 15.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Part DeletionA082V5836KDeleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082V5835KDeleted for X180R
Bracket, cant rail fixingC079U4749KDeleted for X180R
Pop rivet, tapping plateA075W6090ZDeleted for X180R
Headerail (Fettled)625.1501.001AKMF: B082V7435K
Screw; No 6×- POZI (Black)A075W5012FUO: 625.1501.002A
Headerail (Trim Pattern)625.1501.003AKMF: 625.8050.602A
Trim Assembly: Headerail625.1501.002AJMF: 625.1501.001; 3 & 8050.602A

“A” Pillar Interior Trim

Section 15.7

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Trim Cover; A Post/Canterail (RH)625.1507.008AK1MF: 625.8050.602A & A082V7827V
Trim Cover; A Post/Canterail (LH)625.1507..007AK1MF: 625.8050.602A & A082V7827V
Sill (LH) (Fettled)625.1507.001AK11MF: A082V7147C
Sill (RH) (Fettled)625.1507.002AK1MF: A082V7986
Sill Carpet (LH)625.1507.005AK1A079V6052
Sill Carpet (RH)625.1507.006AK1MF: A079V6052
Sill Trim Assembly (LH)625.1507.003AJ1MF: 625.1507.001; 005
Sill Trim Assembly (RH)625.1507.004AJ1MF: 625.1507.002; 006
Grey Fleck Carpet (Interior)A079V6052V4.8mUO: 625.1507.001; 2; 3; 4; 7; 8
Headlining; GreyA082V7827V.5mUO: 625.1507.007; 8
Part DeletionA082V5131K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082V5832K1Deleted for X180R
Interior trim clipA075W6062Z6Deleted for X180R

Rear Bulkhead Trim

Section 15.11

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Trim Assembly: Rear Bulkhead625.1511.002AJ1MF: 625.1511.001A
ABS Trim Board; Rear Bulkhead625.1511.001AH1UO: 625.1511.002A
Screw; No6×; Panhead BlackA075W5028Z2Replaces A075U5030
Part DeletionA082U7108EQF2Deleted for X180R
Pop rivet, mounting bracketA075W6067Z4Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA075W606JZ2Deleted for X180R

Front Door Trims

Section 15.13

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Door Panel (LH) (Fettled)625.1513.001AK1Replaces B082V7459K
Door Panel (RH) (Fettled)625.1513.002AK1Replaces B082V7458K
Trim Assembly: Door Panel (LH)625.1513.003AJ1MF: A079V4016 & A082V6172V
Trim Assembly: Door Panel (RH)625.1513.004AJ1MF: 625.8050.602A & A082V6172V
Door Grab Handle (LH)A079V4016F1UO: 625.1513.003A
Polyfoam (Expanded)A082V6144V.16mUO: 625.1513.003A
Nut; M6 NylocA075W3009Z1UO: 625.1513.003A
Washer; 25.5×1.4×6A075W4018Z1UO: 625.1513.003A
Screw No6×3/4"A075W5028Z2Deleted for X180R
Spire NutA075W6013Z2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA083V2431F2Deleted for X180R
Ashtroy Foam InsertA083V2432F2Deleted for X180R
Ashtray bowlA083V2429F2Deleted for X180R
Ashtray casingA083V2428F2Deleted for X180R
Ashtray Interior Back/PlateA083V2430F2Deleted for X180R
Ashtray, clamp bracketA083V2474F2Deleted for X180R

Carpeting & Mats

Section 15.30

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Plate; Footwell625.1530.009AK1
Screw; Button Head; M6×20 LGSB06020F4
“Nyloc” Hexagon full Nut; M6NY060001F4
Washer; M6×16×1.5625.1530.601AF8
Tunnel Carpet; (RH) Side625.1530.002AK1MF: A079V6052
Tunnel Carpet; (LH) Side625.1530.001AK1MF: A079V6051
Assembly: Tunnel top625.1530.003AK1MF: 625.1530.001,2,4,5,6
Carpet; Floor (LH)625.1530.001AK1MF: A079V6052V
Carpet; Floor (RH)625.1530.005AK1MF: A079V6052V
Scrim Foam; Tunnel top625.1530.004AK1MF: A085V6076V
Leather Panel; Tunnel top625.1530.005AK1MF: A082V6172V
Pad; 12mm ChipFoam625.1530.006AK1MF: A072V6034
Part DeletionA082U77631Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082V77641Deleted for X180R; MF: A082V7764

Harnesses & Leads

Section 17.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Loom Instrument Pack625.1701.001AK1Replaces F082M4664F MF: F082M4664F
Loom; Facia625.1701.002AK1Replaces H082M4665F MF: H082M4665F
Harness; Engine Management625.1701.003AK1Replaces B082M4792F MF: B082M4792F

Wiring Components, Relays

Section 17.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Tachometer Amplifier625.1703.001AK1

Electrical Hand/Foot Controls

Section 17.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Switch BlankA089M6065F1Replaces A082M6349S

Instruments, Clocks, Displays

Section 17.7

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
220 MPH Speedometer (12V)625.1707.601AF1VDO; Replaces A082N606JF
7000 RPM Tachometer (12V)625.1707.602AF1VDO; Replaces A082N6059F

In Car Entertainment

Section 17.27

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Front Speaker (EXCEL/Sony)A082M6230F2Replaces B089M6080F
Rear Speaker (ESPRIT/Clarion)A082M6391F2Replaces A082M6463F
Radio Jump Harness625.1727.001AK1
Screw; Panhead POZI (Black)A075W5037Z8

Labels & Literature

Section 19.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
“World Challenge” Fender Decal (LH)625.1901.001AF1X180R specific for SCCA World Challenge
“World Challenge” Fender Decal (RH)625.1901.002AF1X180R specific for SCCA World Challenge
Castrol SRF Label625.1901.003AF1


Section 30.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
X180R Chassis Assembly (LHD)625.3001.801AF1Replaces C082A4259J

Front Cross Member

Section 30.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Front Crossmember; Body mtg625.3003.004AH1Replaces A082A4251F
Pivot Bush; Upper Wishbone625.3003.003AL2Replaces C075A0342F
Rack Mounting Bracket; Outer625.3003.005AK2Replaces A082A4211K
Rack Mounting Bracket; Inner625.3003.004AK2Replaces A082A4210K
Front Crossmember Brace (LH)625.3003.001AH1Replaces A082A4251F
Front Crossmember Brace (RH)625.3003.002AH1Replaces A082A4250F
Turret Brace; Upper525.3003.001BK2
Turret Brace; Lower525.3003.002BK2
Pivot Bush; Upper WishboneC075A0342L2Replaces C075A0342F; M: 625.3001.003
Blank; Rack mtg Bracket; InnerA082A4270L2M: 525.3003.004
Blank; Rack mtg Bracket; OuterA082A4271L2M: 525.3003.005
Front; Crossmember Body mtgB082A4199L1M: 625.3003.004
Front Support BraceA089A0484L2M: 625.3003.001/2
Front Turret Brace Assembly525.3003.800AF1
Chassis; Front Pickup Points625.3003.003AF1

Rear Space Frame

Section 30.13

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Spring Mount; Rear (LH)625.3013.001AF1Replaces A082A4225J
Spring Mount; Rear (RH)625.3013.002AF1Replaces A082AA4178J
Spring Seat (Rear)625.3013.003CF2Replaces B079A4047K
Rear Spring Seat Bracket (LH)625.1005.003AF1UO: 625.3013.001A
Rear Spring Seat Bracket (RH)625.1005.004AF1UO: 625.303J.002A

Front Suspension

Section 33.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Front Leg Lower Link (LH)B082C4065F1Replaces B082C4147F; UO:625.3101.801A
Front Leg Lower Link (RH)B082C4066F1Replaces B082C4146F; UO:625.3101.801A
Sub Assembly: Sensor Shield mtg (RH)B082C4194K1Replaces B082C4194H; UO:525.3301.806B
Sub Assembly: Sensor Shield mtg (LH)B082C4195K1Replaces B082C4195H; UG:525.3301.805B
Plate; Shield to Vertical LinkA082C4196K2Replaces A082C4196H; UO:B082C4194 / 5H
Boss; Shield to Vertical LinkA082C4197H2Replaces A082C4197H; UO:B082C4194 / 5H
Mounting Plate; SensorB082C4198H2Replaces B082C4198H; UO:B082C4194 / 5H
Heat Sink SensorB082C4199H2Replaces B082C4199H; UO:B082C4194 / 5H
Bolt; Front Disc Bobbin525.3301.032CF8Replaces 525.3301.032B
Bolt; Front Disc Bobbin525.3301.639AL8Replaces A089C8013F; M: 525.3301.032
Nut; Disc to Bell525.3301.643AF40
Bolt; Disc to Bell525.3301.644AF40
Washer; Disc to Bell525.3301.645AF80
Steering Arm (LH)525.3101.043AF1Replaces A082C4161F
Steering Arm (LH)A082C4161L1UO: 525.3101.043A
Steering Arm (RH)525.3101.044AF1Replaces A082C4162F
Steering Arm (RH)A082C4162L1UO: 525.3101.044A
Assembly: Lower Link (LH)625.3101.501AK1Replaces A082C4148J
Assembly: Lower Link (RH)625.3101.102AK1Replaces A082C4149J
Housing; ARB Bush525.3301.045BF2Replaces A089C0172F; UO: 625.3101.802/2
Assembly: Front Backplate (LH)525.3301.805CK1Replaces A082C4189F
Assembly: Front Backplate (RH)525.3301.806CK1Replaces A082C4190F
Adjuster Block; Wishbone625.3101.001BF4Replaces A075C0153F; UO: 625.3101.803
Backplate; Front A.B.S525.3101.020BL2Replaces A082C4191; 2; 3; UO: 3301.805/6
Bush; SPLIT (ARB Front)625.3101.010AF2Replaces A082C4084F
Telescopic Damper (Front)625.3101.601AF2Replaces A082C4158F
Camber Adjuster (FR Upper Link)525.3101.041CF8Replaces 525.3101.041B
Spheralastik Bush; Front ARB525.3101.600AF2Replaces A089C6088F
Grease (Castrol LMX Lithium)625.8070.601AV500gmReplaces A000Z1054V
Circlip; Anti-Roll Bar Bush525.3101.602AF4
Disc Drive Bobbin (Front)525.3301.018DF8Replaces A089C8014F
Disc Bell; Front625.3301.001CF2Replaces 625.3301.001B
Assembly: Sensor Cable Bracket (LH)625.3101.005AK1Replaces A082J4234EQF & A082J4235C
Assembly: Sensor Cable Bracket (RH)625.3101.006AK1Replaces A082J4240EQF & A082J4241C
Bracket; Brake Cable (Blank)A082J4235C2UO: 625.3101.005/6
Bracket; Brake Cable (Blank)A082J4241C3UO: 625.3101.005/6
Front Anti; Roll BAR625.3101.003AF1Replaces B082C4070F
Bolt; M8×110 LG625.3101.602AF4Replaces A07SW2049 & A075W2043
Front Upper Wishbone625.3101.803CK4Replaces 625.3101.803B
Upper Wishbone ArmE075C0130E4UO: 625.3101.803A
Road Spring (Front)625.3101.009BF2Replaces B082C4167F
Spring Adaptor (Front)625.3101.008BK2Replaces 625.3101.008A
Bolt; M12×50A100W22116F2Replaces A075W1061F
Washer; 23.5×12×2A075W4028Z2
Shim; 1.5mmA082C4091F2
Shim; 3.0mmA082C4092F8
Spring Spacer (Front)625.3101.011AF2

Rear Suspension

Section 31.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Bolt; Radius Arm/Caliper625.3103.040AF4
Screw; M10×160 Socket Head625.3103.604AL4Replaces A075W2065; 3011; 4024
Washer; Load Spreading525.3103.051BF4
Disc Bell (Rear)625.3301.002BF2Dec 11, 1990Replaces 625.3301.002A
Telescopic Damper (Rear)625.3103.601AF2Replaces A082D4146F
Assembly: Top Link (Adjustable)625.3103.801AK2Replaces A082D4118EQF
Thin Nut; 8.8 M16×2 (RH thread)625.3103.602AL2UO: 625.3103.801A
Thin Nut; 8.8 M16×2 (LH thread)625.3103.603AL2UO: 625.3103.801A
Adjuster; Top Link625.3103.005AL2UO: 625.3103.801
Insert; Top Link (LH)625.3103.007AL2UO: 625.3103.003
Insert; Top Link (RH)625.3103.008AL2UO: 625.3103.004
End Piece; top Link (LH)625.3103.003AH2UO: 625.3103.801
End Piece; top Link (RH)625.3103.004AH2UO: 625.3103.801
Tube; Top Link625.3103.006AH4Replaces A082D41235C; UP: 625.3103.003/4
Top LinkA082D4118L2UO: 625.3103.003/4
Rubber; Mounting525.3103.600AF2Replaces A046D6000F
Inuslator Rear Spring Seat625.3103.009AF2Replaces A079D4028F
Hub Carrier (LH)625.3103.001CK1Replaces 62E.3103.0018B; MF: B082D4141P
Hub Carrier (RH)625.3103.002CK1Replaces 62E.3103.0018B; MF: B082D4142P
Road Spring (Rear)625.3103.012BF2Dec 10, 1990Replaces F079D4003F
Seal; Front HubA089C0186L2Replaces A089C0186F

Front & Rear Brakes

Section 33.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Caliper Mount (Front)625.3301.003AF2
Caliper Mount (Rear)625.3301.004BF2
Bolt; Rear Caliper to Bracket625.3301.007AF4
Screw; M10×90×12.9 Sockethead625.3301.611AL4UO: 625.3301.007
Bolt; M12×40 Hex Head625.3301.614AF4Replaces A075W4069F & A089J0358F
Brake Pad; Front (Ferodo 3432)625.3301.612AH4Replaces A082J6103F & A0826104F
Brake Pad; Rear (Ferodo 3432)625.3301.613AH4Replaces A082J6113H
Bracket Handbrake Caliper625.3301.005AF2
Spacer; Handbrake Caliper BRKT625.3301.006AF4
Screw; M10×90 Socket Head Capscrew625.3301.008AF4
Washer; 20.5×10.5×1.8A075W4024Z8
Washer; 23.5×12×2.3A075W4028Z4
Setscrew; M12×45A075W1061F4
Setscrew; M12×45A075W1061F4
Setscrew; M12×35A075W1059F4
Washer; M12×1.6 ThickA075W4071F16
Washer; 23.5×12×2.3A075W4028Z4
Full Nut; M12 HexNH12001F8
Caliper Assembly (Front LH)625.3301.601AF1Replaces A089J8015F
Caliper Assembly (Front RH)625.3301.602AF1Replaces A089J8016F
Caliper Assembly (Rear LH)625.3301.60JAF1Replaces A082J6107F
Caliper Assembly (Rear RH)625.3301.604AF1A082J6108F
Brake Disc (Front LH)625.3301.605AF1Replaces A089J8014F
Brake Disc (Front RH)625.3301.606AF1Replaces A089J8014F
Brake Disc (Rear LH)625.3301.607AF1Replaces A082D4108F
Brake Disc (Rear RH)625.3301.608AF1Replaces A082D4108F
Hose; Front Brake (Flexible)625.3301.615AF2Replaces B089J6012F
Hose Protection Coil 450 LG625.3301.616AF2UO: 625.3301.615A

Service Brake Actuating System

Section 33.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Brake Fluid (Castrol SRF)525.3301.636AV3Replaces A036J6109V
3-way Connector (Brake Pipe)A075J6019F1Replaces A100J6078F
Connector BulkheadA089J6013F4
Brake Pipe Front to RearA082J4177F1Replaces A082J4291
Bolt; M10×1.5 BanjoA100JJ6037F2
Banjo WasherA100J6038F4
Brake Pipe; 330mm LongA082J4179F2Replaces A082J4174F & A082J6100F
Washer; 16.6 M8×1.2A075W4020Z2
Brake Pipe (LH)625.3303.001AK1MF: A082J4179F
Brake Pipe (RH)625.3303.002AK1A082J4179P
Bolt; M8×35 HexA075W2038D1
Washer; adaptor to limiting valveA100J6081F3Deleted for X180R
Adaptor; brake pipe to limiting valveA100J0114F3Deleted for X180R
SetscrewA075W1035Z1Deleted for X180R
Roll pin; head to camA075W6097Z1Deleted for X180R
Permabond A138 sealantA074B6009V1Deleted for X180R
Pipe; straight union to limiting valveA082J4291F1Deleted for X180R

Parking Brake

Section 33.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Handbrake Cable (LH)625.3305.001AF1Replaces A082J4185J
Handbrake Cable (RH)625.3305.002AF1Replaces A082J4138F
Support; Handbrake Cable (LH)625.3305.003AK1
Assembly: Handbrake Lever625.3305.801AJ1Replaces A082J4157F
Bracket; Handbrake Pivot (Modified)625.3305.009AK1A082J4158H
Link; Handbrake (Modified)625.3305.005AK1Replaces B082J4122EQF
Handbrake Caliper (LH)625.3301.609AF1
Handbrake Caliper (RH)625.3301.610AF1
Spring; Handbrake Caliper625.3305.601AH2
Spring; Handbrake Caliper625.3305.601AF0SPARES ONLY

Wheels & Tires

Section 34.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Road Wheel (Front)625.3401.605AF2May 7, 1990Replaces 525.3401.602A
Road Wheel (Rear)625.3401.606AF2May 7, 1990Replaces 525.3401.603A
Tire - Eagle 255/50 ZR16 (Rear)625.3401.603AF2Nov 5, 1990Replaces A082G6054H
Tire - Eagle 225/45 ZR16 (Front)625.3401.604AF2Nov 5, 1990UO: 625.3401.801,2
Wheel; 8.5J×16×31mm (Front)525.3401.602AF2Sep 24, 1990Replaces A082G6042F
Wheel; 9.5J×16×19mm (Rear)525.3401.603AF2Sep 24, 1990Replaces A082G6053F
Wheel Bolt625.3401.601AF20Replaces A082G6038F
Assembly: Wheel/Tire (Front LH)625.3401.801AJ1Replaces A082G4077F; UO: 625.3401.801/2
Assembly: Wheel/Tire (Front RH)625.3401.802AJ1Replaces A082GR078F; UO: 625.3401.803/4
Assembly: Wheel/Tire (Rear LH)625.3401.803AJ1Replaces A082G4075F
A5M; Wheel/Tire (Rear RH)625.3401.80RAJ1Replaces A082G4076F
Bolt; Front Disc Bobbin525.3301.032AK8Made From 525.3301.639A
Wheel Weight 60G625.3401.602AF4UO: 625.3401.801,2,3,4
Tire Valve (BWY6)A082G6027H4UO: 625.3401.801,2,3,4
Spare Wheel BoltA075U0492Z1Deleted for X180R
O Ring Dipstick TubeA912E6398F1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA079U4341EQF1Deleted for X180R
Pop RivetA075W6068Z4Deleted for X180R
Label; Federal Tire Loading625.3401.001AF1Replaces B082U4885F


Section 42.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Ducting to Engine BayA082E4140F1
Part DeletionA089B6147V5Deleted for X180R
Hose, intake duct to silencerA082B6168V1.23Deleted for X180R
HoseA082B6168V0.87Deleted for X180R
Hose, intake duct to silencerA082B4929K0.36Deleted for X180R
Liner, induction silencer, outboardA082V7759K1Deleted for X180R
Liner, induction silencer, outboardA082V7761K1Deleted for X180R
Liner, induction silencer, lowerA082V7760K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082B7762K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA085E6014K0.40Deleted for X180R
AdhesiveA075V6032V0.10Deleted for X180R
Cover, induction silencer, wheelarchA082B4925K1Deleted for X180R
Cam coverA075U6044V30Deleted for X180R
Rivet, access cover, chassisA089W6297F9Deleted for X180R
Washer 3/16x 1/217gA075W4000Z9Deleted for X180R
Lotus Esprit Grille-induction silencer(sp)A082U7213F1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA085E6015V0.10Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082U7215H1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA907E63471F2Deleted for X180R
Hose connector, induction silencerA082B4926J2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA089W6297F8Deleted for X180R

Catalyst Exhaust System

Section 45.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Catalytic Converter Assembly625.4501.001AF1Oct 17, 1990Replaces C082S6045F
Big Head M5×16A082W5127F1Oct 12, 1990Replaces A082S6053F
MufflerA082S6046H1Nov 14, 1990Replaces A082S6053H (Heater)
Muffler Assembly (Woolpack Omit)625.4501.002AF1Dec 10, 1990A.C.U. Option
Pipe; Intercooler (bottom)625.4501.006AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Pipe; Intercooler (top)625.4501.007AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Hose; Intercooler (top right)625.4501.003AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Hose; Intercooler (top left)625.4501.002AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Hose; Intercooler (bottom left)625.4501.004AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Hose; Intercooler (bottom right)625.4501.005AF1Dec 10, 1990Heater Option
Hose Clip 16; 25A079K6018F6Dec 10, 1990Heater Option

All Heat Shields

Section 45.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Heatshield; Rear Wheelarch625.4505.001AK1Replaces A082B4821F
Heatshield; Rear Damper (LH)625.4505.002AK1Replaces B082U4764F
HeatShield; Rear Damper (LH)B082U4764F1UO: 625.4505.002A
Pop RivetA075W6071Z7
Plate; Water Shield (RH)625.4505.005AF1
Plate; Water Shield (LH)625.4505.004AF1
Plate; Heatshield625.4505.003AF1
Heatshield; Handbrake Cable625.4505.006AK1
Setscrew; M6×16 Hex HeadA075W102821
Setscrew; M6×14 HexA075W1027Z2
Nut; M6A075W3020Z2
Washer; M6 SpringA075W4035Z3
Jacknut; M6 ShortA075W4034Z1
Washer; M6×12.1×1.4 FlatA075W4013Z1

Engine Air Cooling System

Section 46.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Air IntakeA910E2384F520Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082B4949C1Deleted for X180R
Duct AdaptorA082B4560K1Deleted for X180R
Duct; Air Inlet625.4605.001AK1MF: A082P4321C
Adaptor; Straight Sidewall625.4605.002AK1MF: A082P4321C
Ducting; 700mm Long625.4605.003AK1MF: A079P6007V
F ClipA910E7004F2
Ducting; 950mm LongA079P6007V1UO: 625.4605.003A
Duct; MouldingA082P4321C2UO: 625.4605.001/2
Induction Hose to Airbox ClipA907E6347F2Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082B4968K1Deleted for X180R
Part DeletionA082B4950C1Deleted for X180R

Charge Cooler

Section 46.10

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Radiator; Intercooler625.4610.001AK1Sep 20, 1990Heater Option
Radiator AssemblyA082K4226F1Dec 10, 1990ACU Option

Gearbox (Manual)

Section 47.3

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
X180R Gearbox625.4703.601AF1Oct 17, 1990Replaces B082F6229F

Gear Lever & Linkage

Section 47.5

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Protection HoseA082J6111K1.4m

FC Toolkit & Stowage

Section 60.1

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Tire Puncture Repair Aerosol Can (500ml)625.6001.601AF2October 18, 1990Branded “Fix It Fast”
Tire Puncture Repair Aerosol Bracket625.6001.602AF1May 7, 1990

Soft Interior Trim

Section 80.50

DescriptionPart NumberQuantityRelease DateNotes
Doeskin Cloth (Black)625.8050.602AF8mOct 8, 1990Replaces 625.8050.601A; special X180R interior fabric
Graphite Leather (Perforated)A100V0377V1mOct 8, 1990Replaces 625.8050.601A