1993 Racing Season - Lotus X180R

  • Esprits were entered in IMSA by LotuSport as “1992 model X180R”
  • IMSA increased X180R minimum weight by 125 lbs, to 2700 lbs
  • Drivers: Doc Bundy, Andy Pilgrim, David Murry, Bo Lemler, Scott Lagasse, Steve Hansen, Jay Cochran
  • 3 pole positions (including 1 World Challenge Pole)
  • 1 wins (SCCA World Challenge)
  • 9 podiums (5 out of 9 IMSA/WC races)
  • swept the podium at first race of the season (Miami)
1993 IMSA Bridgestone Supercar Season Review
1993 IMSA Bridgestone Supercar at Portland
1993 IMSA Bridgestone Supercar at Sebring

IMSA Bridgestone Supercar Championship

Feb 21, 1993Miami10Doc BundyLotuSport3rd1styellow highlights
Feb 21, 1993Miami11Andy PilgrimLotuSport6th2nd
Feb 21, 1993Miami14David MurryLotuSport5th3rd
Feb 21, 1993Miami12Bo LemlerLotuSport12th8th
Apr 18, 1993Atlanta14David MurryLotuSport2nd1stpink highlights
Apr 18, 1993Atlanta10Doc BundyLotuSport6th2ndgreen highlights
Apr 18, 1993Atlanta11Andy PilgrimLotuSport1st5thorange highlights
Apr 18, 1993Atlanta9Scott LagasseLotuSport7th6thyellow highlights
Apr 18, 1993Atlanta12Steve HansenLotuSport17th13th
May 31, 1993Lime Rock10Doc BundyLotuSport6th5th
May 31, 1993Lime Rock11Andy PilgrimLotuSport11th7th
May 31, 1993Lime Rock12Steve HansenLotuSport16th12th
May 31, 1993Lime Rock14David MurryLotuSportDQIMSA suspected wrong turbocharger (however, 525.4021.603AF was correct for the 1992 X180R), after Murry won the race
Jun 27, 1993Watkins Glen14David MurryLotuSport16th6th
Jun 27, 1993Watkins Glen10Doc BundyLotuSport2nd8th
Jun 27, 1993Watkins Glen11Andy PilgrimLotuSport5th9th
Jun 27, 1993Watkins Glen12Scott LagasseLotuSport10th11th
Jul 10, 1993Cleveland9Andy PilgrimLotuSport8th7th
Jul 10, 1993Cleveland10Doc BundyLotuSport9th6th
Jul 10, 1993Cleveland11Steve HansenLotuSport12th10th
Jul 10, 1993Cleveland14David MurryLotuSport5th13thDNF (accident)
Jul 25, 1993Laguna Seca9Jay CochranLotuSport15th16thDNF (mechanical)
Jul 25, 1993Laguna Seca10Doc BundyLotuSport8th3rdgreen highlights
Jul 25, 1993Laguna Seca11Andy PilgrimLotuSport10th5th
Jul 25, 1993Laguna Seca12Bo LemlerLotuSport18th12th
Jul 25, 1993Laguna Seca14David MurryLotuSport9th11th
Aug 1, 1993Portland10Doc BundyLotuSport1st7th
Aug 1, 1993Portland11Andy PilgrimLotuSport7th8th
Aug 1, 1993Portland14David MurryLotuSport8th9th
Aug 1, 1993Portland12Bo LemlerLotuSport15th14th
Aug 1, 1993Portland9Steve HansenLotuSport17th16thDNF (mechanical)
Oct 2, 1993Phoenix11Andy PilgrimLotuSport3rd2nd
Oct 2, 1993Phoenix10Doc BundyLotuSport4th3rdgreen highlights (green helmet)
Oct 2, 1993Phoenix14David MurryLotuSport2nd6th
Oct 2, 1993Phoenix12Bo LemlerLotuSport11th9th
Oct 2, 1993Phoenix9Steve HansenLotuSport12th10th
Oct 23, 1993Sebring14David MurryLotuSport11th6thorange highlights
Oct 23, 1993Sebring11Andy PilgrimLotuSport5th9th
Oct 23, 1993Sebring12Bo LemlerLotuSport15th10th
Oct 23, 1993Sebring9Steve HansenLotuSport19th11th
Oct 23, 1993Sebring10Doc BundyLotuSport13th15thDNF (accident); green highlights

Final 1993 IMSA Driver’s Points

1Hans Stuck212Porsche 964 Turbo S2
2Doc Bundy162Lotus X180R
3Andy Pilgrim162Lotus X180R
4Hurley Haywood161Porsche 964 Turbo S2
5Mike Gagliardo141Pontiac Firebird
7David Murry129Lotus X180R
13Bo Lemler47Lotus X180R
14Steve Hansen44Lotus X180R
17Scott Lagasse23Lotus X180R

Final 1993 IMSA Manufacturer’s Points


SCCA World Challenge

May 8, 1993Road Atlanta14David MurryGeorgia First Bank1st1stLast minute entry by LotuSport