1995 Racing Season - Lotus X180R

After changes to IMSA’s rules and the loss of Lotus factory support, LotuSport team decided to shut down its racing program midway through 1995. Further, the heavy weight penalties that had cumulatively been added to the X180R by IMSA made the chassis no longer competitive.

One of the cars (#12) was sold to Steve Hansen, a LotuSport sponsor and driver. Two additional cars were sold to Bruce Morton in 2000, who planned on entering them in the Speedvision GT World Challenge series with Elliot-Forbes Robinson and Butch Leizinger as drivers. Unfortunately, the team was only able to compete in four races due to lack of funding.

  • 1 podium
  • 1 pole position
  • Andy Pilgrim ran a 350 hp Pontiac Firebird Firehawk after the first three Supercar races in an X180R
  • Doc Bundy ran one final Supercar race after the X180R in a Nissan 300ZX Turbo
1995 IMSA Bridgestone Supercar Season Review

IMSA Bridgestone Supercar Series

Mar 18, 1995Sebring12Bo Lemler1st7th
Mar 18, 1995Sebring10Doc Bundy3rd8th
Mar 18, 1995Sebring11Andy Pilgrim9th11th
Apr 8, 1995Long Beach10Doc Bundy2nd10thgreen highlights
Apr 8, 1995Long Beach11Andy Pilgrim10th11th
Apr 8, 1995Long Beach12Bo Lemler8th14thDNF (mechanical), yellow highlights
Apr 8, 1995Long Beach9Peter Shea13th15thDNF (mechanical)
May 27, 1995Lime Rock11Andy Pilgrim6th3rd
May 27, 1995Lime Rock10Doc Bundy4th5th
May 27, 1995Lime Rock9Peter Shea12th8th
May 27, 1995Lime Rock12Noel Lawler10th12thDNF (gearshaft)

Other Races

29.5.1995IMSA 1 Hour Lime RockIMSA GTS-2101Bruce McQuiston28th18th